Goldman Sachs advises that we listen to podcasts!

I have loved podcasts since primary school. So, for nearly a decade now, I have listened to podcasts. It makes me happy to see that recently, podcasts have been gaining a lot of traction and a lot more people are beginning to take notice of what podcasts can offer them. Here is my take.

Firstly, what is a podcasts? I believe the name comes from Apple, who wanted a kind of ‘broadcast’ to the iPod. Over the years, the format has changed and developed, but here is the gist of things. A podcast in today’s world is best enjoyed via audio. It is an episodic piece of media, meaning that there are several instalments much like a television show. In fact, radio shows will often put their content into a podcast after cutting out the music and ads. So, I suppose the closest thing to a podcast is a radio show.

To access podcasts, you use a podcast player, which can read the RSS Feed. If you own an iPhone, you may have noticed the podcasts app as one of those apps which come pre loaded on the phone. I recommend and use ‘Pocket Casts’. I believe it is available on all platforms. It syncs seamlessly between the website and app, and looks and functions beautifully.

Podcasts can be on a range of topics. My current subscription feed includes current events, personal finance, study skills, financial publications (I’ll get to this later) and general entertainment. Podcasts can be used to enjoy and learn about a wide range of topics. For financial podcasts, here are some of my favourites:

Chat with Traders

This is an Australian based podcast, but has an international appeal. Each episode involves a trader of some description being interviewed about their story. There have been Hedge Fund managers, prop traders, options traders. Even if you aren’t interested in trading specifically, this is well worth listening to for the general commentary on how the markets move and function.


Produced by Commonwealth Banks CommSec division, this podcast is released twice to three times per day and episodes tend to be between 2 and 5 minutes. They provide ASX commentary and big factors moving the markets that day.

Exchanges at Goldman Sachs

This podcast is slightly less regular but is very good. It highlights different aspects of the markets and world economies and in fact, the most recent episode was about how podcasts are creating the second golden age of audio.

Bloomberg Surveillance

Bloomberg Serveillance is much like any market watch segment on a news channel. It provides updates in markets, economics, and world events. Every episode is based on something that some world figure has said, and that sparks discussion.

Wall Street Oasis

This, being published by Wall Street Oasis, is specifically for people hoping to break into Wall Street. It provides interviews from people who have done it, and has a load of tips about how to do it yourself.

Whatever podcast you end up choosing to listen to, it is definitely worth checking out something that interests you. I mean, if Goldman Sachs is talking about it then it must be worth at least having a look at it.

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